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According to the Environmental Protection Agency, GeoExchange systems are the most energy efficient, environmentally-friendly, and cost effective comfort systems available.

The "secret" of this clean, efficient operation is based in the earth's ability to store heat.  In fact, 47% of the sun's energy that reaches our planet is absorbed into the earth.  This represents 500 times more energy than mankind needs every year.  And this unlimited source of energy can provide your home with affordable comfort all year round.

In addition, GeoExchance systems are environmentally friendly.  Installing a system in a typical home is the environmental equivalent of planting 750 trees.  And because they operate without burning our diminishing supply of fossil fuels, there are no poisonous, green-house gas emissions.  Widespread use of this technology could reduce carbon emissions by over 1 million metric tons each year.  Even when energy use all the way back to the power plant is considered, GeoExchange is still the most environmentally-friendly comfort system available.

Purchasing a GeoExchange system is not only an investment in affordable comfort, but also an investment in the preservation of the environment for generations to come.

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Information from the Geothermal Journal published by WaterFurnace International, Inc.