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Keystone HELP

Gilleland & Merkosky Services is a Trained Keystone HELP Contractor.  Keystone HELP is a special program for Pennsylvania homeowners to finance or receive rebates on eligible energy saving home improvements.  Pennsylvania homeowners can improve the energy efficiency of their homes with this fast and convenient financing and rebate program for high efficiency heating, air conditioning, insulation, windows, doors and other improvements.  Keystone HELP is principally supported by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, Pennsylvania Treasury Department and the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency.  Please note that a household may receive only one Keystone HELP loan OR one Keystone HELP rebate each fiscal year, which is defined as the period from July 1 until the following June 30.

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American Standard Commercial Leasing

The benefits of leasing through American Standard Leasing, rather than borrowing from the bank or paying cash, are numerous.

While a bank loan provides direct ownership and the interest expenses may be tax deductible, it reduces valuable business credit lines, may have a short repayment term, and may not cover extras such as taxes, freight and installation.

Paying cash also provides direct and immediate ownership and eliminates finance charges.  However, using cash for a large expenditure reduces operating cash that could have been used for alternative investments and provides no hedge against inflation.

American Standard Leasing will work with you and your Contractor to tailor a lease financing program specific to your needs.

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